Gophin’ Off With Linked Lists. Part 1

I wanted to learn Go. So I learned Go. I was proud of learning Go pretty quickly. So I decided why don’t I share with the world my approach to learning a new programming language. And then this blog was born. So come learn Go with me as I explore the ins and outs of the language under the guise of building and using my very own circular doubly linked list implementation.

This is the first part of this series. In this video, I build a quick and dirty circular doubly linked list to get my bearings in the Go language. Will cover some very fundamental Go concepts that we will build on much more in future videos.

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Let’s Talk Containers

This is not another tutorial or introductory article about Docker containers. Instead, I want to use this article to try and help newcomers reach an “Aha!” moment sooner than later. And that moment is the realization that while looking and feeling like virtual machines, containers work best when addressing packaging and deployment of an individual process. Continue reading “Let’s Talk Containers”