Looking For A Leader

Much Ado About Everything is back after a very long hiatus. Shan joins me as we discuss the lack of true leadership in current American society.

About ‘Much Ado About Everything’

A huge part of this blog will be the Much Ado About Everything podcast. It’s a podcast I started with my brother and a couple of friends back in 2015. We would get together about once a week and spend an hour or so having a free flowing discussion about some topic at hand. We were actually fairly prolific that year and created quite a bit of content. Just as we were getting good, however, we went cold turkey. All of 2016 and 2017 went by without us pushing out any new content. Well as I started this blog, I did not want to let the podcast just sit there collecting dust. So, I will be doing my best to keep the podcast going alongside this blog.


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